Joe Bonington, shares his secrets of health, well-being and weight loss in the e-book, ‘The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan’

Joe’s nutrition and lifestyle work has developed over the past 10 years to become ‘The Natural Eating Plan’. This information is an accumulation of study, science, practical application, trial and error, and many successes.

The Natural Eating Plan is about spending time eating for the way we were biologically created. The plan is about giving our overloaded systems a break and getting back to the ways that we ate for hundreds of millions of years.

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Topics include

Why We Are What We Are

In The Natural Eating Plan, you’ll learn about the symptoms of a typical modern diet. You’ll discover why your body needs foods of good nutritional value. You’ll find out why good nutrition makes sense. Above all else, you’ll learn why we are what we are is mostly down to our diet.

The Natural Eating Plan - The Benefits

In The Natural Eating Plan Benefits, you’ll learn about the main aims of the eating plan and the benefits such as cleansing and revitalizing your system. You’ll discover why a natural diet will ensure your body can process nutrients and micro nutrients more efficiently. Above all else, you’ll get tips and advice on staying committed and planning to succeed with your natural eating plan.

The Planning and Preparation

In The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan, you’ll learn how to plan your start date and prepare your kitchen. You’ll find out which foods to stock up on, which foods should be limited, and which foods need banned. You’ll discover why foods are good and why others are bad. Above all else you'll learn how to plan and prepare so that you are ready to start.

The Natural Eating Plan Starts Here

In The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan you’ll learn about hydration and detoxifying foods - which foods are best for helping rid the body of toxins - and the side effects to expect. You’ll discover about optional natural whole food supplements and get ideas from an example week menu. Above all else, you'll learn rules and tip on how your body reacts to natural foods, how to reintroduce banned foods and how to listen to your body to know which foods work best for you.

The Buzz: What people are saying

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan includes more than just a bunch of rules on what you can and can’t eat, it has all the reasons as to why things are good or bad for you. I’ve tried and looked at many different diets and eating plans before but this one just makes sense. It has comprehensive information about what to eat, when to eat and why you should eat it.

—Byron Pritchard

I was amazed at how much better I felt after following Joe’s nutritional plan, not only did I see the results on the scales and in my measurements but I have so much more energy. I have lost over 30kgs and found that I could still eat out and socialise whilst sticking to The Natural Eating Plan.

—Melanie McQuire

100% money back guarantee

If you realise within 7 days that this information is not for you our 100% money back guarantee comes into effect. Let me know within 7 days of recieving the e-book and I will refund your money 100%. You get to keep all the information.

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